Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Loving These Days

These are cold, frigid days here in the mitten state. But that can be expected, it is December after all. I can see the allure of wishing for crisp spring mornings and hot summer days. The warmth brings joy no subzero temperature can touch. I love feeling the heat radiate from my body without having to wear 5 layers of clothes. But the truth is, I’m happy and content right here. Snuggled up with my baby girl and no place to go.

Some of the Things I'm Loving These Days
Her precious squeals of delight
Her side smiles
Family snuggle time
Her big eyes as she tries to figure out Izzie
Her crinkled nose when she smiles at me
Sweatshirts, sweatpants and warm socks
The smell of coffee
The crisp white landscape
Her hiccups
Her innocence and lack of fear
Her almond shaped eyes
The wrinkles on her forehead
Her breath that smells of slightly soured milk
How she knows me and how I know her
The times when only I can comfort her

 Yes it’s cold out, and it may even be a bit frightful, but there is so much for me to love and enjoy in these precious moments. I wouldn’t trade the crisp cool days for anything. I love you baby girl.
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