Tuesday, December 11, 2012

About Me

Hi there and thanks for stopping by!
Here's a little bit about myself.

I prefer playing in the waves than sitting in the sand.
My business is to create.
Early riser.
Highly analytical. (I majored in math)
Proud mother of a German Shorthaired Pointer.
Her name is Izzie, aka Izz-turd.
Novice photographer.
Zero Debt! Freedom!!
Wife to Kenny.
Musically challenged.
Prefer water over other beverages.
Master chef (in my mind at least J)
Lover of travel.
Have visited three continents.
Speak enough French to get around.
Harry Potter fan.
Married my high school sweetheart.
Nutella connoisseur.
Bike rider, roller blader, walker, but not a runner. Never a runner.
Puppy Chow consumer.
Lover of adventure.

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