Monday, February 4, 2013

Compost Bin aka Poo Maker

I now have a pile of poo. Just kidding. I now have a pile of sticks with some orange peels and avocado rinds on them. But someday, it will hopefully resemble a pile of poo. Because we all know a pile of poo makes for some great fertilizer, and if you didn't, well now you do. So in order to get me some poo, I went ahead and made a compost bin. Previously, we had just dumped everything in a pile in the woods, but I would like to corral and harness my poo, so I made a compost bin.

For starters, you'll need some pallets. I got mine from where I work, but if you don't have any lying around, I'd ask the men in your life if they know where you can get some, and if that doesn't work you can ask stores in town. You'd be surprised how many pallets are just laying around. Anyways, this is not a post on how to obtain pallets, so let's get back to the point. Step one: Find three Pallets.
 Once you've obtained your pallets, you will need to secure them together. I simply leaned them against each other and tied the corners together. If you're more ambitious you can use nails, glue, screws or whatever else suits your fancy, but because I like immediate gratification (not to mention it was freezing outside) I tied them together :)
Now I'm going to tell you a little bit about how to make poo. I'm not going into the whole shabang, just a tidbit of information. You'll want to put a 6" layer of brown material down. Brown material is something that is brown and dead. I used dead brush and small sticks. This is an important step because the 6" of brown material allows for air to get under the compost and this speeds along the poo making process.
Once everything is secure and you have 6" of brown material, you can add the good stuff, which is the green material. Green material is the fresh stuff. Orange peels, grass clippings, egg shells. I like to keep a bowl under the sink and I fill it with all of our green material. We eat tons of fresh food so we have to empty it quite regularly, which means more compost.
 Now this is no poo yet, but someday we will be there. We need more green material and for the temperature to not be so freezing! I will give an update once the temps get above freezing and we have the beginning of some poo. I look forward to updating you on our poo endeavors.

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