Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Couscous: Basic

I'm in love with this stuff! Not just any couscous, but Pearl couscous. This stuff will rock your world. The texture alone is enough to do me in. If you've never had it, it would be similar to a tiny round ball of pasta, but with a nuttier flavor. It is delicious. So I'm devoting this week to couscous recipes. Today's recipe is not really a recipe. More a how to cook the stuff. Even at it's simplest form this stuff is amazing.

Basic Couscous
1c.     Pearl Couscous
1¼c.  Water or Chicken Broth 
2 T.    Olive Oil

Heat oil on Medium heat. Add couscous and stir until brown. Should only take a minute or two. Add liquid and turn heat to low. Cover, simmer and stir for 8-10 minutes. Couscous will be ready once all the liquid is absorbed.

This stuff will change you. No joke. It is delicious! I recommend using chicken broth instead of water because of the added flavor. Hope you enjoy.

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